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Hatfield Coach Company Minibus Hire  

To the north of London is the civil parish town of Hatfield. Its original occupants were the Saxons and the town was a dwelling place for the Marquess of Salisbury. Being a post-war town, most of its structures have new-age inspired architecture to them. 
As Hatfield Minibus Hire Coach Company, we want to give you a little more history about the town and show you the vast landscapes of the town and the famous aircraft manufacturing plant that was iconic of the town. All this and more through our convenient minibus company hire packages in Hatfield. 
Things to Do in Hatfield 
By choosing our minibus hire in Hatfield services, you are making a prominent decision to ride with the best. It only takes one phone call and a luxury Mercedes 16 seater or Ford Transit will find you where you are. We can help you discover some of these great attractions Hatfield is dearly proud of.  
The Hatfield House 
This was the original home for the Marquess of Salisbury. Inside the house are great stories of distinguished men like Robert Cecil who became the 1st Earl of Salisbury before proceeding to be the 3rd Marquess of Salisbury, earning both titles while living under this immaculate house. Hatfield house hasn’t lost its charm and much of the lavish lawns and decent new-age architecture is still intact. 
The Aircraft Industry 

Sadly, Hatfield had to close down its lucrative aircraft business and today is survived by memoirs and local tales. Driving through Hatfield town, one would notice street names like Comet Way, Dragon Road or The Hatfield that were once associated with the aerospace industry at the time. It is said that the aircraft plant was the largest employer in Hatfield, with over 4,000 people providing their services to it. Today the Woodford Aerodrome is the latest survivor of the aircraft industry. 
De Havilland Aircraft Heritage Centre 

Following the aircraft engineering history of the town, inside this heritage centre is where you will find remnants and artefacts of the old planes. The centre is well organised and with a wide display of complete aircrafts like the de Havilland airplane as well as several prototypes. The attendants are quite knowledgeable about the airplane history of Hatfield, and they are more than welcome to share it with you as they walk you through every artefact. 
The Hatfield Business Park 

This park is dear to Hatfield local because it lies on the ground where the former airplane plant was built; de Havilland Plant. Today the Business Park is open to public for relaxing, having a picnic or just learning something new. Interesting enough, it is in the same park where the famous movie Saving Private Ryan was shot and afterwards the TV Series Band of Brothers.  
Events in Hatfield 
1. The Hatfield House Wedding Fair, Hatfield House, Hatfield (28th Feb 2016) 
2. YPL Masquerade Soiree 2016, The Roof Gardens, Hatfield (5th March 2016) 
3. Colour Conference London 2016, The SSE Arena, Wembley (28th April 2016) 
4. Folk by the Oak, Hatfield House, Hatfield (24th July 2016) 
5. Eastern Electrics 2016, Hatfield House, Hatfield (6th August 2016) 
Why Choose Us 
Whether you are hiring one of our Mercedes luxury couches or several minivan Volvos, we guarantee all our vehicles to be fully serviced and ensured. We understand all road networks in and out of Hatfield, thus we won’t hesitate to provide a comprehensive map to help you get around. But to make your work even easier, we recommend one of our trained and friendly coach company drivers to be your chauffer for the day. Visit our website today for all your minibus hire in Hatfield needs.