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28-35 Seater Coach Hire

Hatfield 28-35 Seater Coach  

In the past, Hatfield made its milestones as a chief aerospace engineering town and the dwelling places for distinguished Earls and Marquess of England. Though most of it is ancient history now, Hatfield still has some notable attractions that it lures tourists with. Hatfield Minibus Hire Company can be your guide to discovering these attractions.  
We specialise in renting 28-35 seater coach buses to individuals as well as corporations. It could be a birthday party, a wedding, engagement party, corporate staff travel or just a tour within the city. In case your number is more than 35 people, we can gladly provide a Mercedes 16 seater for the surplus number. 
Things to Do in Hatfield  

Whether you are travelling alone, with your family or in the company of colleagues, Hatfield has something special to teach you about its culture and people. Some century old practices are still present to date and a number of entertainment joints to party the night out in once you are done touring during the day.  
Mill Green Museum & Hill  
It’s both a museum and a milling factory that has been around for centuries. You will locate this milling plant when visiting the village of Mill Green; a rural setting away from the Hatfield metropolitan life. The millers are quite friendly and for a few pounds will show you how the old mills used to work to grind corn for the local people.  
The Galleria Outlet Shopping 
This is quite an organised shopping outlet that is void of crowds like in most modern malls. The shopping stalls are meticulously arranged and it’s quite easy to find what you are looking for under one roof. There are great discount prices going around and expect to see some of the top brands in fashion or home equipment.  
Cock O the North Bar 
This is one of the great bars in town where great food & drinks meet great people. The ambience is quite warm and conducive for the whole family and the attendants quite friendly and helpful. If you are looking for some great English cuisine and the best locally ale, be sure to visit the Cock O the North Bar.  
Events in Hatfield  
1. Hillsong Conference 2016 (Europe Tour), The 02, Hounslow, (27th July 2016) 
2. London Home Show Spring (Home & Lifestyle), Queen Elizabeth II Centre, Hounslow (19th Mar 2016) 
3. 2016 YPL Annual Masquerade Soiree, The Roof Gardens, Hounslow (5th Mar 2016) 
4. Gin Festival London, London England (19th Feb 2016) 
Why Choose Us 
Hatfield minibus hire provides top notch 28-35 seater coach buses for the travelling family or friends. Our minibus hire in Hatfield is up and running with a customer care team ready to pick your first booking.